Manchester United phải ký hai hay ba ngôi sao nữa để giành danh hiệu

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Solskjaer has told Manchester United that two or three top new players are needed to make the team a real champion.

"The Olympic" revealed that despite Manchester United's recent strong momentum in the Premier League, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer insisted in his communication with the senior management that the team still needs two or three top new players to become a stable contender for the championship. Last year's introduction of Bruno Fernandez, the team's role is obvious, so that Manchester United taste the sweetness of excellent recruitment.

A winger is a key target on Solskjaer's list, and with bogba's future uncertain, a new centre half is also on the agenda, the report said.

However, in the current situation, Manchester United are not expected to make any big moves in the winter transfer period, and whether the financial situation will improve in the summer is also unknown. In the face of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's request, Manchester United can only take one step at a time. They hope that Sotheby will first tap the potential from within.

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